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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hither and thither... with some Grebes

Yesterday I had my usual Saturday trip over to Barnes (London Wetland Centre). More ducks coming in now such as Gadwall and some Wigeon... all too far away for any pictures.

Along the summer walk on the Wildside a young Little Grebe was enjoying a splash about in the water...

before settling down for a bit..

The morning was dull, grey and drizzley!! so it was great to see the wonderful colour of recently planted wild flowers - these to be found in the (soon to be opened to the public) new Rain Garden. At the moment there's a high (builders') barrier around the area, so trying to poke the camera lens through this was quite a challenge!

This Bee made several abortive attempts to land on the poppy; needless to say its own weight kept bearing the poppy down but it finally managed to hang on for a bit!

And despite the lack of sun, a couple of lizards were warming up!

And today I went over to Bushy Park - well it's September and the rut is in its first stages. Not that much activity today but this venerable oldie was making his prescence felt (and heard).

I shall be going regularly over the next few weeks and hopefully will see more action before too long!

and as the sun sets tonight but not as beautifully as it did a few evenings ago


Wilma said...

Your wildflower photos have such a wonderful delicate feel, just lovely.

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful wild flower photos - it looks as though the Rain Garden will be lovely to visit when it opens.

Midmarsh John said...

Quite a variety of plants in the new Rain Garden. That should attract plenty of insect life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia.
Lovey wild flower photo's, the blurr background is great. Love the Bee on the poppy. Also the Lizard is a great shot. But the one for me is your skyscape, beautiful colour, the tree in the foreground shows a good eye for photo.


holdingmoments said...

Love those wild flower shots Tricia.

Tricia said...

Wilma - thank you very much... I rather like the "softness" of them.

Caroline - it's now open and although small looks very attractive. The wildflowers are wonderful!

John - fingers crossed that the garden continues to flourish...

Paul - thank you. The sunset/sky shot was from an upstairs window and the tree is in the middle of my garden!! Suburbia can be good on some occasions!

Keith - I'd hoped you would approve... had a feeling of "Keith" about them ;)

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