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Sunday, 19 September 2010

A quick trip to Bushy Park

Firstly - I accepted the new blogger settings!!!  Wish I hadn't!!!  Don't quite now how this is going to turn out!!  And I think I've got to get into a new routine of how I post pictures with text in between in picture.  Don't know if anyone else has tried this yet?

Decided a trip over to Bushy was needed to check on the impending Red Deer rut.  Not a lot happening still although some of the stags were "roaring".  There was one very large herd but not obvious yet who was "the main man" :D

This one couldn't even be bothered to stand up and was hidden - but audible - in the bracken.

This little one decided sleeping was better.
and a Mum and junior gazed around..

Another male couldn't be bothered and "roared" whilst lying down

Two young males were "practising"

Mum Mallard with two young but growing offspring!
Male and female Red Crested Pochard having a snooze
And some Black-headed Gulls are back - an indication that 

I then decided I would head in the general direction of Richmond Park but changed my mind en route and headed over to the London Weltand Centre. I bumped into Pete on arrival and had a quick bite to eat. Events then overtook me and I had to leave for Tesco's and to be home for my daughter and grandson's visit.

The sun wasn't so apparent today!


Naturedigital said...

Beautiful photographs.
Love all those animals.
Have a great week Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Great set of photos Tricia.

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures of the deer. They look very content.

ShySongbird said...

A very nice and well illustrated visit, Tricia. I liked the 'two young males practising'. I also liked the pretty Song Thrush on the previous post.

I too tried blogger's new editor but found I was happier with the old way and reverted back although I believe we won't have a choice soon.

Anonymous said...

Great set of photo's Tricia.
The antlers in the bracken! lol, brill.

So good to see the master at work with the flight shots of Black-Headed Gulls. The moult pattern of these juvenile's moulting into first winter Gulls is such a great guide for anybody wishing to see such detail, good teaching aid.


holdingmoments said...

Must check on my local deer soon. :)
Those Red Crested Pochard always seem to sleep lol

Wilma said...

I like the way the psot looks with the new settings, Tricia. But then again, it would have looked equally wonderful with the old ones! I really enjoyed the deer series. And the previous post was excellent as well.


Tricia said...

Costas - many thanks.. always appreciate your visits

Dean - great to see you here again - I notice you have a new site!

OC - thanks and they did look very relaxed.

Jan - thank and good to see you again. I've reverted back again too but dread when we have no choice. Inserting text between pictures is a nightmare although the picture uploading is much better.

Paul - the Stags sometimes have wonderful bracken/grass headdresses!

The master eh? :D I'm flattered. I don't know about teaching aid.. I'm still trying to learn so perhaps I'd better look at my own pictures more!

Keith - think a check would be worthwhile... they're getting into their stride now.

Wilma - you're always so very kind with your comments. There's some more deer pictures and I'm afraid more are more likely over the next few weeks!

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