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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Flutters and a Fisher!

Well today I was going to have a day in sorting out some music on a couple of CDs that have just arrived..(Delius: Complete Violin Sonatas and Officium). These to put on my MP3 player and send to a friend for his.... but..... the sun came out.... so I headed off to RHS Wisley where (for a few weeks) they've got some rather exotic flutters in the Glasshouse - so I didn't really get any music sorted (ooops : sorry Pete... tomorrow...)

I had lost a part of my tripod and was wondering whether to replace it or not (there were no spare parts available from the originator or any other make!!)

Last time I went to take pictures of these flutters, I had to wait about 40 minutes for my (camera) lens to get up to temperature to avoid steaming up. This time, I kept the lens warm in the car and rushed through to the glasshouse. Still wasn't enough but I didn't have so long to wait. BUT I was using the macro lens at times and yes, I did miss my tripod!!

Eventually, I could see (through my glasses) and the camera could see (through its lens) and I finally managed these. But by now, the glasshouse was packed with people and getting any shots wasn't easy.

By now I was extremely hot having been in very humid atmosphere for some time, so I headed off for the birdhide.

After about 20 mintues, the obliging Kingfisher put in an appearance. At first it was quite near but very hidden.,

Eventually it moved...

and after some unsuccessful fishing, it perched elsewhere

until eventually flying off up the river..

Elsewhere, an Egyptian Goose claimed it territory from a lofty perch

and on my way out, a wonderful Robin serenaded me from its lofty perch
Now - there's something about Robins that I just can't resist!

Got some food shopping and then.... well I'd really missed not having a tripod so I headed off to London Wetland Centre to the In Focus shop for a replacement - which was reduced in price so - not a bad day all told :D


holdingmoments said...

Those flutters are very beautiful.
Imagine having those flying around in the summer.
Not many birds can compete with a singing Robin. Lovely singers.

neil said...

Lovely Photos. I had the steaming up problem at butterfly house in the New forest a few months ago - missed a few good shots waitng!

oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful butterflies. I love the red and black one. I too feel there is something about the robins you have over there. Very cute birds. Nice to see you're having lots of blue sky. Same here but it's terribly cold.

rohrerbot said...

That is the one thing that drives me nuts about entering a humid place....the camera lens fogging up!!! I've lost several amazing shots because of this. Great pics. Beautiful butterflies.

Wilma said...

You really cheered me up with those fabulous photos! You did just fine without your tripod; I would never have guessed those were handheld photos.

Glo said...

The butterflies really bring some life in to winter days! Also love the kingfisher, and the singing robin! Well done ~

Anonymous said...

Great all round Photos Tricia.
The flutters! hand held thats a steady hand. Love the Kingfisher, and what can you say about little Robin, dont ya just luv em!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice flutters, for hand-held.

Do they allow tripods in there? They usually frown upon it in such a busy place. The alternative would be a bit of flash to freeze the movement - if that's allowed. To prevent it being too bright, you can diffuse the pop-up flash with some semi-opaque material, or you can even buy gizmos nowadays to fit over the flash. Before I bought my separate flashguns, I used an old white film canister and cut a section from it to attach over the flash with a strip of velcro cable tie.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Love the first Kingfisher photo - it made me smile (for the right reasons)

The Early Birder said...

Nice selection of colourful flutters Tricia. Good to see the Kingfisher is performing for you.

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