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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Goosanders are back!

Well we're off in a new year but I sincerely hope that the weather is going to get better. Grey skies seems to be the order of the day together with that wet stuff.

I went over to Barnes last Saturday and the sun shone for some of the time :D This fellow greeted me on my way in to the visitor's centre.

A couple of days ago, I had a text from a friend advising me that the Goosanders were, once again, at Painshill Park in Surrey. I wasn't too far away so headed off!

They were there in February 2010 so a little earlier arriving in 2011. As I arrived I saw 8 of them, but they all few off. Further around on the other side were 3 and, I think, different ones but they weren't staying around either. Well it was 3.00 pm and I expect they were off to their roost.

However, I decided to give it another go yesterday as the light was marginally better, although it was dull and overcast for most of the time.

About 8 of them again when I arrived and they flew off. I wandered up and over the other side but nowt there. On the way back I was in luck, and there were 4 males and a female.

So, here's some more records shots (one day I might just have something that isn't a record shot)

And today? Day colours were the same although there was a little bit of sun which was when I decided to set off for Barnes... there was a particular bird I was hoping to see. The clouds rolled in but, amongst dozens of Tufties, was the female Scaup.... a lifer for me so I was pleased to have seen it. Had reasonable sight of it eventually just using the binocs!

My year list is now growing and I must get everything down before I forget!!

Well that's it for today.... and as I type this? The sun is shining and the sky is blue....woo hoo :D


Anonymous said...

Well done on the Female Scaup!
I still have to pin down a Bittern at Barnes this year!
(Have to say the male Scaup is a much nicer bird.)

holdingmoments said...

The Goosanders are such beauties aren't they. I've been lucky the last few weeks, had a few at my local lake nearly every day.
Love that shot of the three males.

Julie G. said...

Stunning Goosander images! Congratulations on the female Scaup sighting. So glad I came across your blog ... a joy to view!

Tricia said...

C - just glad to get another lifer - it's been a long time coming :d

Keith - wonderful birds indeed. Hopefully we'll get some better light soon to see all their wonderful colours

Julie G... Great to see you here and welcome. Thank you for your kind comment and glad you liked the Goosanders. Hopefully they'll be around for a bit and I can get some more!

Bill D said...

Great news about the Goosanders, I've been waiting for them to return! I found with last year's birds that staying still, using the trees along the path as cover, made them slightly less wary.

Good luck!

Simon Taylor said...

Superb - some males in there as well for the Goosanders.

Glo said...

Happy New Year! Good to see you were able to capture some great shots and hope that the sun decides to visit more often!

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots. There's been nothing but rain, drizzle and fog here for about a month. We did get one morning of sun if I remember correctly. Oh well, like we say here, it's better than snow.

Chris said...

Excellent Tricia. To my surprise, some goosanders decided to stay around this winter, well this winter has not been like a real one anyway. I love your parakeet picture too!

graham mc said...

Just to let you know Wisley bird hide is now open.I went there on friday, saturday and sunday. Friday was lovely with the Kingfisher and Heron showing well, but on the weekend not only did it pour down and raise the water level by 3ft but there were lots of visitors making a noisy b-line for the hide.

Tricia said...

Bill D... hope you get to see them. I did stand still for a long while and managed to get these pics... will be going back.

Simon - yes 4 males and female... hoping for more :)

Glo and a Happy New Year to you. Thanks and fingers crossed for some better weather

OC - thanks. It's sounds as though we've both got the same. And - yes - definitely better than snow any day!!

Chris - glad to hear some have stayed with you.

Graham... thank you so much for that. I did know it was open but the Pinetum was shut for a while for snow damaged assessment.

I hope to go during this week (when hopefully it'll be quieter) and then again for the butterflies in the Glasshouse later this month .... can recommend that for photo opportunities too :D

Glad the Kingfisher was still showing.. I'd love a decent pic of one!

Anonymous said...

Nice collections ..

- Vaibhav

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