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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Norfolk... Birds... Cold!!

I hadn't planned much this weekend so when Pete said "Norfolk?" I said "Yes!

As we drove the sun came up.... a precious thing that, regrettably, wasn't going to last. Pete spotted a Marsh Harrier - woo hoo; I was driving so - no spot for me - boo hoo :)

We stopped for breakfast at Walker's.... yummy bacon, sausage and egg rolls and a cuppa!

We reached Salthouse and got out of the warm car. The wind, coming in a north-easterly direction howled off the sea. But a small flock of Turnstones, turned stones in the sunlight.

Later on, a couple of Golden Plover were spotted!

And in one of the natural pools, a singular Redshank scurried about.

We drove off in pursuit of a more sheltered location and enroute, we pulled up in the road to watch two or three flocks of Brent Geese coming into land! There's always something that gives that frisson of excitement seeing birds en masse flying like that! Lovely.

We went on and duly arrived at Skulthorpe. It's mostly wooded which gave some welcome shelter from the wind. As we walked, the birds were scarce

We arrived at the Whitely Hide and there the birds were numerous! Chaffinches (dozens), Coal, Blue and Great Tits, Robin, a Reed Bunting..

A Water Rail that, as usual, stayed mostly hidden and when it did venture out it broke the speed records in its dash to cover at the next clump of reeds...

Typical! :D

A group of 12 Long-tailed tits arrived... lovely :D

And then, another year tick, a male Bullfinch - the colours are amazing.

A female soon appeared..

and a couple of Bramblings added to the variety around the feeding area

On the way back a buzzard flew whilst another sat on the fence at the road side.

Most enjoyable day out in good company.... and had dinner cooked for me too.... :D


Simon Taylor said...

Sounds like you had a terrific day Tricia.

Tricia said...

It was indeed Simon... a little more sun would have made it even better :D

Pete said...

nice pics trish

Diane said...

I like the close-up Turnstone. And the LTTs - I might get a decent photo of one sometime during my lifetime!

Tricia said...

Thanks Pete :)

Di - thank you :)I'm sure you'll get one and hopefully before too long!!

Liz said...


Lovely photos, where in Norfolk did you go? I fancied a night or two down there this week or might wait until Spring is a little further along :)

holdingmoments said...

A grand day out Tricia.
Some good birds there; and some cracking pictures too.
The Turnstone shots are excellent.

Frank said...

I see you have been visiting some of my favourite locations AND in sunshine (at last!). Nice to see the Turnstone up close and of course the Bullfinches at Skulthorpe .. fairly regular at that feeder in my experience. FAB.

Roy said...

A lovely set of photos Tricia. Beautiful Bullfinch and Brambling shots and nothing beats a flock of Brent flying over.

oldcrow61 said...

I know well what a north easterly feels like. Still, it sounds like you had a good day. Those bullfinches are beautiful. Great shots as always.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Nice posting Tricia, I like the varied locations and a good sense of moving about. Lovely to see the bullfinch too.

Ragged Robin said...

Sounds like a great day out Tricia - a shame it wasn't a bit warmer! Some lovely photos - especially like the bright colours of the male bullfinch and great to see a brambling.

Anonymous said...

Well it's all been said Tricia,superb photo's of variable birds and conditions. Well done you. Love the Turnstones.


Gaina said...

I absolutely adore LT Tits, noisy little hooligans! I wish they were about the size of a barn owl, though :D.

Tricia said...

Hi Liz - we went to Saltmarsh and Skulthorpe. The bitter wind really prevented us from walking further along the sealine.

Keith... thank you :) - it was a good day... I do love Norfolk. The Turnstones were particularly obliging.

Frank... my favourites too :) I've not seen Bullfinches there before but I'm not able to go that often.

Roy - thank you... I agree about the Brent Geese but great seeing any birds in numbers.

OC - I'm sure we're wimps about our North Easterlies compared to yours LOL.. but a good day nonetheless. And thank you

Hi Andrew - glad you enjoy the outing with us :D

RR - warmth would have been nice :D It was lovely to see Bramblings and the bullfinch. Bramblings have such lovely colouring.

Paul - Thank you... :D

Gaina - you're so right in your description of the LT Tits. And yes, they'd be much easier to photograph with Barn Owl proportions!

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