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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Painshill Park - the youngsters are increasing.

A couple of days ago I was getting an update on the Painshill Grebe chicks. Pleased to say that youngsters Major and Minor are still very present with Mum and Dad and Minor, although somewhat lazy, doesn't seem to be suffering with unwelcome attention by its elder sibling.

Both are now diving and learning to fish. On this occasion Major was successful; not quite sure what the meal was though.

This time, Dad provided a hearty fish meal which slid down easily.

What is strange, is that Minor still want a lift on Mum's back. It doesn't seem to sit on the parent's back as it normal but drapes itself across the parent's back like a shawl!

Here it is still sitting on the parent; that latter must be finding this quite uncomfortable by now.

OK - today a further check and all is still well. They are still all together as a family with much about the same activity. I really must try to get there earlier in the day than I have been doing of late.

On my way back, the second pair of Grebes (Mr and Mrs Confused) indulged in a bit of head waggling. This pair did build a nest but abandoned it quite quickly. I feel they must be quite young as they don't really seem to know what is expected..

He dived and brought back some weed which it then promptly and deliberately dropped before rejoining his mate

And sadly, the Canada Geese Goslings are reducing in number. Three families seem to have joined forces and in total there were about 10 of them.

And a lone Grebe was having lunch..

Was great to see Damelflies, Dragonflies and one, very newly emerged Banded Demoiselle (which flew off quickly).

Large red damsels were the most prolific.
(with thanks to Maurice for the correct ID )

One or two blue-tailed (I think) damsels.

The Irises are coming out now and this is a great place to stand and watch for Damsels/Dragons and, in particular, banded Demoiselles.

Not quite sure what this is... from the angle it was very difficult to get a clear view of it.

and a preening Mallard, completed the day.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures. Great to see the damsels. No bugs about here yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia

Lovely pics of the grebes and the chicks

The "small" reds are Large Reds (black legs)



Tricia said...

OC - thank you. It's great to see all the new wildlife emerging again - rather lifts the spirits. Your turn very soon ;)

Maurice - thank you. And thanks for the ID.. one of these days I'll get my head around all the different species... (I'll amend the post accordingly)

Glo said...

Lovely to know that Major and Minor are doing well. I was a bit worried about the little one.

The goslings are adorable, and some lovely colourful shots of the flowers as well; also the damselflies are delightful.

Our spring has been very cool so everything is in slow motion!

Joe said...

Hi Tricia,

Great posting, and some excellent photos of the youngsters. The situation is looking rather similar here in High Wycombe :-)

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