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Friday, 1 July 2011

A Wee Visitor and more from W. Sussex

The other morning I had a very tiny grasshopper visitor to my pond which posed nicely on a lily leaf. This couldn't have been more than about an inch long.

Another stint down in Sussex and Mum and I decided a day out on Bosham would be nice. Well it would have been accept for the amazing thunder storm and torrential rain. The lightening was really dramatic though!! Just managed this picture before we headed off to seek refuge in the cafe.

The following day was different altogether - hot sun and a cool breeze; rather nice in fact.

I started out at Arundel WWT.
This was one of about 9 ducklings following Mum about.

The sun was hot and the birds were light but a female Mallard cooled off in the vegetation.

Pheasants are residents here and this male was dining off the daisies!

I decided to give Bosham another try and fared better this time despite more grey cloud.
When the tide comes in the water rises to the walls of the houses and access then is by road only.

Very pleasant wander around the village


holdingmoments said...

Love that Pheasant eating the daises lol

Bosham looks a lovely place Tricia.

chris said...

Wonderful post Tricia... I love the feasant and the little duck ;-) Beautiful!

Frank said...

Lovely views from around Bosham.

oldcrow61 said...

I remember when a child walking through the grass, there'd be grasshoppers hopping all over the place. I haven't seen one in years. Nice to see you have some there. I love the photo of the pheasant in the daisies and the headstones with the flowers growing around them.

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