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Monday, 26 December 2011

A quick walk to Cisbury Ring

I needed to get some exercise after eating a rather splendid meal of Roast Beef and all the trimmings yesterday (thanks brother David) and managed a very quick walk to Cissbury Ring.  Cissbury Ring is an iron-age Hill Fort and been there since about 300 bc. (so a little older than the author of this blog!)

I parked at the base (didn't have time to walk from Mum's) and then took the steep, and very muddy, climb to the top.

After about a couple of minutes, I'd started the climb and the beginnings of a view...

Getting nearer to the top,  the "shape" of the hill fort becomes more apparent - this is looking along part of the curve.

At the last stage, just a few more steps - almost vertical now! phew!!

and now over the surrounding "wall" you can look back down from whence you came
(see car park bottom left of the picture - my starting point!)

But the 360 degree views from the top make the climb, not only enjoyable, but very worth while!

Very many sheep everywhere it seemed..

Looking through one of the gaps in the surround of the fort

and even more sheep! 

 and more steps..

and back to Mum's to start the lunch.... great to have a walk to blow away the cobwebs
(rather bird-light however; perhaps there will be more about when we get some much needed sunshine!!)


holdingmoments said...

That looks quite a climb, but a great view from the top.
I think I'd struggle a bit with that now though lol

oldcrow61 said...

Wow, what an interesting place. Those steps, for some reason, I find quite intriguing.

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