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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Last month in 2011 - last concert and wander around the Park

Before dawn broke, we were off to London - a visit to St. James' Park before a concert at Wigmore Hall - the last concert for this year :(

No doubt you'll be familiar with these subjects if you visit here often; but today I was using the Panasonic GF1 with (initially) the 45mm lens - a first time outing for that lens for me. And the remainder with the 14mm lens. Not a dSLR in sight today - and the light was - dull, dull grey and dull!!

The monument and statues that are outside Buckingham Palace.

Blossom???? in December???

Black-headed Gull

As usual there were dozens of Grey Squirrels around. Mostly they were friendly but wouldn't sit still or pose very much...

the one that got away........

And some of the Horse Guards riding along by Buck House ;)

This sculpture is entitled.. "The Hand of God"

A War Memorial dedicated to all the animals that played their part during the World Wars.

(hopefully you can read the inscription)

and, finally, on the was to Wigmore Hall we passed Selfridges... a shop that's been famous for it's window dressings for many years now... and their Christmas offerings are no exception to the usual high standard!

(pity the pics had to be taken through glass)

And the concert...? Excellent - four talented young Ladies - the Finzi Quartet entertaining us with Haydn's String Quartet in Bb Op 50 No. 1 and Brahms - String Quartet C minor Op 51 No. 1
A most enjoyable day.

So that's it for a few weeks - until the next one that is :D


holdingmoments said...

That's a good collection of ducks Tricia. How nice to see a memorial to all the animals of war too.
Blossom in December is unreal! I recently saw blackberry bushes with flowers in bloom; the world's gone mad.

Ragged Robin said...

Some lovely pictures of London Tricia and I really like the idea of the Animals at War memorial.

Amazing to see blossom though we still have some flowers in the garden - nasturtiums and fuschias despite a couple of frosts.

Nice to get chance to see the Selfridges window displays too.

Glad you enjoyed your concert.

oldcrow61 said...

Blossoms, imagine!! I wonder what they are. The store windows are wonderful. Love the statues and that squirrel is a delight.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Wow that was a fun post.I loved the whole trip to London and seeing the outside of Buckingham palace. Looks like some wigeons there. I liked the window glass scenes also.. I am back, come and see me.

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