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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A brief walk in the sun!

I'm keeping my grandson company for a couple of days and today he's home as the teacher's are on strike at his school.  Needless to say, teenage waking hours were fully engaged so whilst waiting for him to wake and start his day I had a quick stroll along the beach... the sun was shining... initially.

All pictures taken with Nikon V1 and 10 - 110mm lens.

 and then the sun went and the clouds glowered!
 on the way back...

From then on the weather went downhill, thunder and lightening and torrential rain flooding the roads and paths...Summer?  What's that then?

And finally in late afternoon we had some sun briefly so I went for another quick stroll along the prom and some local council gardens.

Crazy golf anyone?

Well that's it for today... if anyone finds the sun, please hang on to it as it's a very precious commodity!!....


Ragged Robin said...

Some gorgeous photos there Tricia and I love the various sculptures. It looks even wetter there than here! Although today we actually have sunshine :)

Ian said...

A very enjoyable tour with great photos of flowers and love the sculptures at the beach park and nice to see you had some sun. we have had a day of mizzle and foggy weather but as we are in winter not too surprising.

Roy said...

Thats some really nice shots with that Nikon Tricia, especially the macros.

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