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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hatfield Forest and the Gibberd Garden

Started out today at Hatfield Forest.. the sun was shining!  There weren't many birds about but did hear Chiff Chaff and Reed Warbler.  Of the 5 young Great Crested Grebes I've seen, \I only saw one today..which was a bit disappointing.  Three Common Terns flew at speed and given the noise two of them were making, they might have been the young ones.

Young volunteers were pulling in the dinghies.. these are for hire and a new venture.

After that I pottered off to Rye Meads but didn't get any pictures of any value.  The Kingfishers were active and the young due to fledge tomorrow. This could have happened today.  The male was perching outside the bank with a fish, having gone into the nest with it and come out again.
Managed a record shot of the male, sitting and waiting

But one of this year's fox cubs was running about

And then on to somewhere I've been meaning to visit for ages and today I finally made it.. and mostly in sunshine.
The Gibberd Garden

It's quite a small garden, but interesting in its layout.  More a serious of 'rooms' than grand open spaces.  Sculptures abound and what follows is just a sample.

Lovely to be out and feel the warmth of the sun... I'd almost forgotten what it felt like :)


Rohrerbot said...

Beautiful shots!!! Is that a Ferruginous hawk on your opening shot??!!! That is an amazing shot. Flight, bird, and food all in one....nice!

Love the kingfisher as well.

Ian said...

A very enjoyable tour through the countryside and garden. Terrific photos.

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