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Monday, 16 July 2012

Trains and Bones!

I had real problems today because I was shooting in Raw format, which was entirely unintentional! and I don't have the software to read this format... hey ho.. then blogger was playing up... So...let's be positive!

Today we started with a train journey..the Romey, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway was something waiting to be explored.  The weather today is foul, but we bought our tickets and boarded the train to stop off in Hythe. Today it was the Northern Chief puffing away and pulling us along.

We left the train at Hythe and had a wander through the town.

Until we reached St Leonards Church.. the church was attractive but..

the principal reason for the visit was to see the Skulls and Bones Collection in the Crypt - utterly amazing!  It is still not certain how many people are represented in the collection is represented at about 2,000.

And after a quick shop in a local supermarket, where we bought a picnic lunchwe went back on a diesel train, the Captain Howey, to our pub to pick up the car!!

We then headed off to St Clement, Old Romney where we ate and read whilst it poured with rain.

Where to now?  Off to Rye.  Rye has an old fashioned sweetie shop which today was closed... boo hoo.  I like Rye - a very pretty town and boasts a lovely tea shop and St Mary's church.. amongst other things..

The tea rooms.. Fletcher's where we had tea and cake!  Apple and Blackcurrent and Orange and Cranberry - very very nice!  Pete's parents and Pete were there on his parent's 25th wedding anniversary

I think this retailer had the right slant on our British 'summer' !!


Holly Bain said...

The Skulls and Bones Collection is amazing. It could be a scene out of a horror flick. Thanks for sharing!

Rohrerbot said...

Ew....scary but cool. The skulls are very interesting. Love the series of your adventures....and how random is that heron?:) Thanks for sharing!

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