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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day - Plan B - but with Mergansers..

I had a very enjoyable day with my daughter (who has to work today - Christmas day) and grandson we had Christmas celebrations a day early.

Today, I was to visit my mother and brother to spend the day with them BUT, I have a flu-type cold and cannot risk passing this to Mum - last time she had a cold, she ended up in hospital.  So head ruled heart and I didn't go.  It was very strange not to be with them today.

Was getting a little stir crazy, so early afternoon I jumped in the car and drove to Widewater lagoon.  No Little Grebes around but the usual Cormorants and Little Egrets.

Little Egret

A group of Mallards with some 'strange' markings.


Five Mute Swan cygnets... Mum and Dad were further up the lagoon

AND a party of 9 Red-breasted Mergansers, of which 3 were male.
(Light was improving a little but they were far away....)


I then drove round to Shoreham Fort..

The rain clouds were gathering....

and the waves were crashing against the harbour wall..

A couple of Turnstones flew over and landed on the beach..

One of three brave souls surfing in the waves..

Good to blow away the cobwebs.... I was going to stop at Worthing pier..but.. the rain came back.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Tricia. How times have changed... "the usual" Little Egrets.


holdingmoments said...

Great way to spend Christmas Tricia.
Hope you get better soon.

Tricia said...

Hi Dave... yes isn't it! Especially at Widewater - they're there all the time now... No longer the exotic they once were.

and Dave... who? Would like to know who to thank..

Keith - thank you... don't feel that bad just can't risk spreading the germs... but a reward nonetheless :D

Glo said...

Unfortunate to be unable to spend time with your Mum, but very considerate of you. Looks like you made the best of it by going to some of your favourite places with your camera. Happy Boxing Day :)

Tricia said...

Happy Boxing day to you to Glo and thanks for stopping by again :)

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