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Thursday, 14 March 2013

A quick trip to WWT Arundel..

Got a lot on at the moment, but managed a quick trip over to Arundel today.  Was meant to be shopping but I can do that tomorrow.. when it's raining!

Blue skies and sunshine this morning but more cloud this afternoon.  When the sun shone is was really warm... hopefully it will be even warmer in Rome next week (watch this space) and hopefully no rain either!!

Not much about today, but Shelducks were fighting -  Spring is in the air, albeit not necessarily in the weather!

I'd gone out on one of the electric boats when I got there... a Little Grebe was seen ..

Male mute swan..

And the fighting Shelducks... three at one point!

Finally, one male decided it was time for the other one to go... so chased it off

it retaliated for a bit but..

finally, gave up and flew off!  Was quite exciting to watch..

On the way out, a male Pheasant was seen..
Their colouring really is magnificent!

Short trip but good to get some fresh air in the sun!


ADRIAN said...

Superb images. The Shell Duck are getting a bit frisky.

Tricia said...

Many thanks Adrian... the Shelducks certainly were feisty today.. the fight went on for some time and was quite vicious at times!

Roy Norris said...

Great flight shot of the Shelduck Tricia.

Wendy said...

I do agree about swopping a shopping day with a day spent watching wildlife. Lovely photographs of the story of those battling shelducks - it must be spring.

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