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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Saturday - Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese

Today we were off to greener pastures - the gardens of Villa Borghesi.  Given that the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps were en route, (they were both packed with people on our first visit to them) we decided to have a return visit.

Some mosaics around the city - it's so incredible to see the different layers of 'building' that have taken place over the centuries!

and then the Trevi Fountain.  We were there very early in the morning and it paid off

and the sun was glorious - happy faces all round :D

We were thwarted again at the Spanish Steps.  Whilst they were clear of people, crews were setting up equipment in connection with a World Wildlife Fund concert - so we couldn't walk up them!

and onwards up the hill to the gardens around the Villa Borghesi

the views over Rome as we climbed were pretty spectacular

Ring-necked Parakeets everywhere and nesting in the trees!

and a delightful red squirrel the 'wrong' side of some railings.  After taking some pics I tried getting close but... needless to say, the squirrel dashed off!

Before leaving the park, lunchtime!! and a glass of something - white :D

We didn't visit the Museum due to lack of time.. and we really wanted to be in the sunshine...

Various sights on the way back.

Campo de Flori - and the market.

Fascinating instrument - no idea what it is!!

This 'cycle way' sign made me smile.  The river was so high that any river bank or path was covered in water!
And a local Cat Sancutary!

And finally, back to the hotel!

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