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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rome...Glorious and Godly

(Note: at the time of publishing the Rome series of pictures, the picture gallery seems to have disappeared from blogger (meaning each picture has to be viewed separately) - which is somewhat irritating for follows of my blog, I'm sure.. Let's hope it comes back again very soon)

Breakfast was buffet style and excellent - cereals, cooked bacon, sausage and eggs, yogurts  fresh whole fruit and tinned.  Pastries, bread, cheeses, cold meats etc. etc.  And breakfast was on the roof terrace... it was almost warm enough to sit outside.

View from the window

views from the Terrace

  Around town again..

These two lazy pigeons were just sitting under the jet of water and merely raising a wing..

Across the Ponte San Angelo

Piazza San Petro, St Peter's, Basilica and Vatican City
We'd bought (in advance) an Omnia card so skillfully avoided the huge huge queues!!

And then onto the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel - no photography allowed in the Sistine Chapel - the visit was spoilt a little by the vast volumes of people, which made it very difficult to see most of the exhibits.  However in the museum the ceilings were amazing.. and those you could see :D

and afterwards back into town for a slow stroll back.

The Piazza Navona

 The Pantheon

It's a tribute to the Panasonic G5 with the 18-55 lens, that I managed to get these gulls in flight.. mind you the light was fantastic for moving subjects!

Fantastic first of three full days.!!

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