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Sunday, 23 June 2013

A visit to Audley End.. but no pics..

I got out the camera; I focused on the subject; no autofocus.... tried several things to no avail. No focus...  ... plenty of rain though..

Tried Pete's lenses on my camera and my lenses on Pete's camera and they worked fine - so I know it's the camera and not the lens

Off to the camera shop on Monday where I bought said camera  - 3 weeks before going on a foreign holiday - ain't life grand! ;)


holdingmoments said...

Hopefully you can get it sorted soon.
I suppose the up side is, it happened here, and not while you were away.

Tricia Ryder said...

Will be going into the Camera shop where I bought it on Monday morning Keith. They're very good there and the camera's still in it's first year of guarantee.

AS you say, at least the venue wasn't important when it happened but.... Vienna in three weeks's time!!

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