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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Wimpole Hall... and some sheep being sheared!

Was leaving Mum's the other day when I spotted this Tortoiseshell in one of the neighbour's gardens.. lovely to see..

and then today, a Speckled Wood in Hatfield Forest... I've seen so few flutters this year so wonderful to see these two!

And today, a visit to Wimpole Hall

Orchids growing in amongs the long grass in the shelter of the trees..

and in and around the Walled Garden which was very colourful..

Voluptuous peonies in full bloom....

The bees were numerous around the Hollyhocks!

You'd be forgiven for thinking it was Autumn seeing the fungi and brown leaves..

I walked to the Farm Entrance and goats were grazing..

as were a couple of donkeys..

a woolly sheep (soon not to be... )

and some Turkeys (I think!)

Time for some lunch (Goats Cheese & Salad with a pleasant read in the sunshine..) before a wander around by the House itself..

I popped into the Church.

and through the doors into the Parterre..

There were a few stalls near the entrance/exit, and a sheep shearer was..... yup... sheering one of those very woolly sheep.  Normally the electric shears would be used but this was a demo of doing it the traditional way.

I had a wander around the shop and plant sales and then slowly made my way back to the car.

and tomorrow.... we are off to........ a London Park and a concert.

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Kalyan P said...

beautiful captures...lovely!

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