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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hither and thither - Amwell, Anglesey and Rye Meads.

Off to Amwell first thing - the Konik ponies were very sleepy..

Snipe, Oystercatcher, Redshank - were the highlights... oh it was very quiet..

Wandering through the woods, a family of newly-fledged Wrens...

"I'm hungry... please feed me...." Mum -( on the right)- was ready with a meal!

OOoh look... Pete and pony!

then off to Anglesey

Called in at Rye Meads.. very quiet except for all the people in the Kingfisher hide - saw 4 common terns - dozens of breeding Black-headed gulls!

And two different families of Canada Geese..

Very dull day weather wise... until I got back and now the sun's shining..


Roy Norris said...

Lots of lovely colour Tricia and those Konik are also a lovely colour for a horse.

Ragged Robin said...

Love the Konik horses and the wren photos :) And I always enjoy the beauties of Anglesey Abbey :)

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