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Friday, 13 September 2013

A Train Ride to Pistoia - Day 4

So today, we caught the train to Pistoia... good to see some more of the countryside albeit it was a shortish (40 minute) journey.

The Italian trains seem to run on time and, in the main, buying a ticket is easy.... it is also a cheap way to travel... at least on short journeys (as yet, not tried a long-distance journey)

We arrived and walked up through the town.

It was market day and the market extended over several different places.

Museo Civico

Prior to visiting the Duomo we went into the Bapistry.  No pictures allowed at all here, so a postcard was purchased and therefore a scanned picture.

The Duomo

It wasn't clear whether we could take pictures or not when in the Duomo.

But prior to walking around the church itself, we paid a couple of euros to see the Silver Screen Altar, quite amazing!!  Certainly no pictures were permitted of this masterpiece so another postcard came to our rescue.

On the building of the Ospedale del Ceppo, there is a ceramic glaze frieze by Giovanni della Robbia (1514-1525) - the colours and pictures are quite something!

A Public Park at the Piazza della Resistenza.. quite pleasant in places but a bit sad in others.

Don't know what this plant/tree is.... I'm assuming they're flower buds... looks like a laurel or rhododendron type plant to me... any help greatly appreciated!

and then the train back to Lucca and a walk near the wall back into the town..

where another ice cream was consumed... - yummy :D

A lovely day out with sunshine all the way... we did well to change our plans to suit the weather methinks!!

And finally, our last dinner at a restaurant very local to the hotel.  Buca san Antonio I can thoroughly recommend... excellent service and the food was wonderful.

Carpaccio of Salmone - delish and Sliced Beef cooked in a typical Lucchese style and with green beans.  Additionaly we had a side dish of white beans.  And a bottle of some very very good white wine from Montecarlo (the local village not the town of car racing fame) - the latter seemed to help somewhat as we made our final journey back to the hotel along the post-rain street.

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