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Friday, 13 September 2013

Lucca Day 2... discovering...

OK - first full day in Lucca, so after brekkie (very nice but not as good as some hotels) we were off to see the town.

The church San Michelle di Foro

The proportions of this statue are weird... a very large head and the statue itself seems outsized for the building and its place on it!

We just came across this wonderful facade of San Frediano

This is the amphitheatre which was originally founded by the Romans.  Amazingly curved buildings

For an aerial shot to see the shape, a postcard purchased and scanned in (not very good quality)

and a Tower with Oak trees growing on the top!!

Duomo San Martino

Views from the top of the Tower - the Torre Guinigi

Back down on the ground and more of these intriguing sculptures

We stopped for a drink.... lovely coffee :D

oh look - yet another handbag shop

Today we had lunch at the Ostria San Giorgio... both of us had pasta - mine Tagliatelle with fish... probably the best pasta I've had!!

And then onto the Villa Bottoni.  Italians aren't great at gardens and often look a little uncared for (some more than most)...

But then on to the Giardino Botanica...

Earlier in the day we booked our first of two concerts so we had a 'light' evening meal at the Aria (near the concert venue)  This restaurant to be avoided... Pete's lasagne was not cooked and had to be sent back.  My salad was very disappointing!!

The concert, however, was very enjoyable... Puccini and Mozart arias with a young soprano and baritone.

and a stroll through the dark streets back to the hotel!

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oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures. I'm enjoying them.

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