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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Getting a bit stir crazy.. but a few minutes at Petworth Park

I really don't like this time of the year when we get endless day of.... grey and such short hours of daylight!!

I've been a bit house-bound over the last few days - not from choice - but today I just had to get out.  I managed about 3/4 hour this afternoon before the light failed, and headed of to my local, Petworth Park - for the wider view.

The first thing of interest was yew trees full of berries and.... fieldfares... I could see lots of movement in the dense growth and then managed to see a couple of them... wonderful sound..

There were very few people about, so felt as though I had Petworth to myself...

Apart from coots and tufties, there wasn't much other birdlife out on the lake..

And appropriately for this time of the year, huge clumps of mistletoe..

I wasn't entirely on my own  - I did have these two festive guys to keep me company.... :)

Not out for long, but so grateful to have 1/2 an hour out in the fresh air!!! 

1 comment:

Roy Norris said...

We have had some pretty awful days recently Tricia, very depressing when the sky doesn't exist, just grey all over.

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