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Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Streets of London before the Nutcracker

Pictures on the way to the Ballet....

Arrived at Liverpool Street Station and being early on a Sunday morning, it was fairly quiet.  This was to change and London was teaming later on

Leadenhall Arcade all lit up..

London is becoming a city of glass... many new buildings and several still being built.  Seems that glass is the new look..

Around the Tower of London

The Shard and London skyline from the Tower of London river bank

and as we were passing St. Dunstan in the East.. we popped in... such attractive gardens around a ruined church.

Lots of squirrels about in St Paul's garden ... this one, rather surprisingly had lost its tail... but

it was gathering leaves by the mouthful, and building a dray quite low down in a small-ish tree

as we walked through, came across several other squirrels.. but all had their tails!

It's bathtime..

and on to Covent Garden

and finally, inside the Coliseum waiting for The Nutcracker to start.

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