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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Almost like a summer's day in February after the storms!

I was joining my daughter & grandson for a lunch out today... the weather was glorious!!

So I went over a bit earlier and had a stroll along the beach.  The waves were still evident but no suggestion of what had been happening over the last few days.

I was also trying out a recently acquired Macro lens!

Then end of the pier was fences off.. nothing to indicate why but may have been storm damage of course!!

Thrown across the prom by the raging sea!!

We went to Woodie's diner for lunch - a 1950's cafe... had burgers and a milkshake.. both were good :D  Thanks for the intro. Sharon..

Mine and grandson's

Sharon's - she was being very good!

1 comment:

oldcrow61 said...

Lucky you to have experienced an almost summer day this time of year. Nice pictures of the beach. Looks like you had a grand lunch.

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