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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Thwarted... Warnham LNR & RSPB Pulborough

I headed off for Warnham... which was very very quiet... given the winds last night I'm not really surprised!! A few Redwings as I arrived.

and a single Robin!

Underneath the feeders two male and two female pheasants and a few great and blue tits and that was about it!!

Loads of gulls out on the 'lake'

and near the visitor entrance, the snowdrops are in full bloom and a few crocuses pushing through

Right from there I went to Petworth.. the road wasn't flooded so I was pleased to think of a long overdue visit - however... whilst I'd checked their website for closures, what I was greeted with was a gate in the 'shut' position... apparently their computer system had gone down and they weren't able to post the 'closed' status.  So....

decided I'd head off to Pulborough.. a section of the trail was closed due to flooding which is what I'd expected..

View from the first hide... this is normally mostly grass....looks like the sea at the moment!!

and this area used to be thick with conifers... most of which have down been blown down!!

So no birds out on the vast amount of water or, if there were, they were far to far away to be seen.

Most of the activity was around the feeders near the visitor centre.. Sparras and a Nuthatch, a few Great Tits, but it was the Blue Tits that won the day!!

 So, some food shopping and back home.  Tomorrow promises to be a much sunnier warmer day... I've everything crossed!!

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oldcrow61 said...

I love the bird shots. The pheasants are so beautifully coloured. So nice to see the flowers as well.

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