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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A garden in the making

I inherited a very large hedge in my new garden.  Had to make a decision which was.. it would have to go.  It occupied about a 1/4 of the width of the garden.

So yesterday and today, it went and a fence was erected.

This is the garden I inherited - no planting, no bushes, no flowers.  New neighbours got rid of the hedge on the left.  And today... 'my hedge' went.

I had to move the bird feeders nearer the house to make way for the work men... didn't take the regulars long to find it though..

'My' robin inspected the proceedings and workmen and seemed to approve!!

and the roof of my garden shed was still attracting feathered friends..

The hedge is gone and stacked around the garden!!! Gulp!!

and finally.... a very much larger garden with a blank canvas for planting.  The end end of the garden, which is a shady area, has already been planted as a woodland area as it's constantly in the shade apart from high summer!

Now the fun part starts; planting planned and the fence will, hopefully, disappear from view :D  And this is the sunny side of the garden being south facing ...


Wilma said...

Big changes, Tricia! Looks like a fun and satisfying project to undertake.

Muddywalters said...

That shed would make an ideal hide!

Tricia Ryder said...

Wilma... it will be a challenge... :)

Mark - and it's even got a window overlooking the feeders :D

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