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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Rigoletto and St Marys Church, Paddington

Up and off to Royal Opera House today to see Rigoletto..  But before that we were visiting St. Mary Magdelene church, in Paddington and it was fascinating. The church was open as part of the Open Houses in London scheme... so glad Pete was aware of this!

We crossed the canal in 'Little Venice' en route from station to church - it was grey and dull and we'd left in a thunderstorm!

The interior is beautiful.

Visiting the crypt is by a guided tour only - and our lady tour guide was very informative and enthusiastic.  We were the only two so...  The Crypt itself is an area which forms an architectural element to the construction of the church itself.  It's never been used for bodies.

However, a chapel was built at a later date and very beautiful it is.  Unfortuately it suffers considerably with damp as the surrounding grounds outside are quite high... but all this is about to be restored shortly

And so to Royal Opera House... Quacks came with us and here he is waiting patiently for the performance to start....

Amazing performance (synopsis here)  and Alexsandra Kurzak as Gilda, and Sio Keenlyside as Rigoletto were amazing.  The final scene was very emotional !!

Wonderful day out :)

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