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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Day 8 - Last full day in Florence and Bardini Gardens

Well our last full day.  We wandered Florence in the morning.. being lazy

The Bargello Palace

The Bargello Palace

then sat and had a coffee in the Pizza Della Signoria - and watched the world go by.... not sure why this chap was dressed up... but the illusion was spoilt when he turned to show he was wearing jeans and a shirt! :)

wandered the river a bit..

and had some lunch in a restaurant we'd seen the other day... The restaurant is decorated as though you are sitting in a square with house surrounding it..

Walked along the river to get to our destination.. the Great White Egret was there - and there were two!!.. and, in fact, we stood for a while watching a bat flying. It was very close to us... marvelous views!..

and then to the Bardini Gardens which we discovered for the first time.  Apparently, they are best in early May (good reason for a return visit :) )

This is a tunnel of Wisteria... May's the time to see it!!

A local resident!

A steep climb up.. but worth every minute for the views alone..

We sat here on the Terrace for a coffee (up behind the seat is the small cafe)... wonderful!!

and back down through the visitor entrance.  One of the nicer gardens in Florence..

Back to the hotel, and then out in the evening for our last meal (this visit)!!) in Florence... and it was Ciro & Sons.. a fave!!

and last views at night... for now.... of the Ponte Vecchio

and tomorrow............  home :(

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Love the horse eating hay in the street

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