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Monday, 4 April 2016

Verona on Day 6 - Off to Florence

We left the hotel and got a taxi to the station... not easy pulling cases over cobble/uneven walkways.

The train came on time.. Italy's train system does seem to work well.

Ponders and Quacks were keeping eye on things..

It was cold and windy today.. bit of a change from what we'd been having... little on the dull side as well, but great to see the Ponte Vecchio again

Wine anyone?

The Piazza della Signoria

 A copy of the Statue of David

The Piazza is amazing is terms of statues...

The Duomo and Baptistry

And a wander along the River Arno

and we walked up via the hill..... spectacular views from the top

and eventually we had some sunshine..

A wander down through the Garden

Whoooops... Mr Ponders nearly fell off!

In one of the shop windows on the Ponte Vecchio.. - ducks of precious metals..

Last year the Art on this wall was men ... this time... Spoons!!

Still don't know what either of these are.. but very pretty they were!!

Lovely day out and then back to the hotel to unpack and off out for dinner ....

Another great day.. and good to be re-united with my favourite Italian city...
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