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Friday, 22 April 2016

Finchingfield .. a short visit

We headed off to Finchingfield - it was rather grey today.. but the ducks and geese didn't mind

High up on a roof... a Mallard drake with Mrs. Mallard.. not the green growth on the left..

and at the top of the green growth, Mrs. Mallard had chosen to nest!!

which begs the question.... how are the ducklings going to get to ground level from roof level when the time comes?  hmmm

Strange geese.. a cross between a Greylag and....?? something??

and some shopping... the boys approved :D ..


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

white domestic geese, we have those on the BLue Lake here, among some full blown greylags with such necks they look like they are on steroids

Frank Boxell said...

Mallards nest in the strangest places BUT the fluffy youngsters will be encouraged to 'jump' ... I've seen this event several times at Wisley!!

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