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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

St Wilfreds, St Michaels, Grasmere and Allan Bank

Wow.. summer is here .. hot, hot hot... think we're lucky to be in the Lakes District where the temperature is cooler than at home.

First stop was at St Wilfrid's Chapel at Brougham - from the outside - very pretty ...

insided WOW - the woodwork is amazing... what a delightful surprise..

and then onto St Michaels at Lowther.. just next door to Lowther Castle.

This is the Mausoleum with the church to the right..

on top of the hill... lovely views

after leaving the church, we stopped in the road for a pic of the Castle..

and then we drove off to our next destination... spectacular views along the way..

and we arrive in Grasmere.. first stop was for lunch... Salmon & Prawn Sandwich... with a cold drink!!  There was a shop attached... and this I espied from our table... Herdy Sheeps :D

I'd promised my daughter I would bring home some Ginger Bread... which I did ..

and the famous Herdy Shop -  where I made a small purchase on our way back..

and we then walked from the village to the National Trust property Allan Bank.  The house had some damage to it as a result of a fire in 2011 and hasn't been redecorated.. there are no current plans to do so

views on our walk to the house ..

the Billiard Room!!

Allan Bank was first open to the public in 2012 .. and only partially redecorated since a fire in 2011 ,

After a welcome cuppa... no scones being available... :(  we wandered around the house

and of course... celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter...

we found a seat in the shade and just sat and took in the amazing scenery..

time to wander back to the car ...

We stopped at the Herdy Shop and the Ginger Bread shop on the way back.. where purchases were made :)

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Odd looking creature carved on the end of that pew

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