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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Warnham LNR with fishing Kingfishers and Great Crested Grebes

I went to Warnham this p.m. for some fresh air and was rewarded with seeing two Kingfishers (at the same time) with one of them fishing.

To start the Grey Wagtail was posing..

and at last a flutter.. Red Admiral

The family of 4 Mute Swan Cygnet are growing up... good to see..

and then from the Heron Hide - a posing Kingfisher

who went fishing!!

The 3 Great Creted Grebe chicks are getting bigger but still being fed my Mum or Dad

Was good to get out for a bit and great to meet Marcia and Dave Gain.. no doubt we'll bump into each other again afore too long :)


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

suddenly second flight red admirals and peacocks have appeared here in the last couple of days, very glad too

Tricia Ryder said...

I'm glad too.. one of about two Red Admirals I've seen this year.. so few flutters seen at all....

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