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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Sheffield Park - Sunshine and decorated trees

Not sure where to go today..was going to see a National Trust house all decorated and themed for Christmas..BUT the sun was shining - and too good to waste given the forecast for tomorrow for the UK.. - Aalbeit it was a a 'tad' cold!!  But wrapped up and warm I went for a wander to Sheffield Park Gardens

It was looking beautiful in the winter sunshine.

Flynn, Fergus and Massimo in 'our' tree..

Gulls on ice!

Where the sun hadn't reached, the water was still frozen.

Saw a couple of Goldcrests around

This tree's decorations were all bird food... halved and empty orange peel provided containers for bird seed.. many other types of feeders including pine cones filled with fat .. many birds enjoying the decorations..

A Robin having a preen

The birds were being fed..

and then into the cafe for a cuppa and..

one of two log burning stoves...looked so lovely

an excellent fruit scone!!

The window in the Shop

A lovely morning.. but by about 14.3. it was getting quite cold.. so I had a very brief visit at Warnham LNR (very quiet) before heading off home

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Your furry are animals are better equipped to deal with the cold than I am

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