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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Kingston upon Thames.. an impulse

Spur of the moment decision.. I headed north to Kingston upon Thames... it was very cold and the sun definitely had gone into hiding.

A Busker in Clarence Street..

and a wander along the river Thames..

Swans have always been numerous here.. today approximately 50 .. probably more..

About 4 Canada Geese

Dozens of Black-headed Gulls

Have always loved this narrow boat.. been here for some time now .. but lovely scenes

 A skeleton .. behind  an awning so not that clear

A Cormorant.. was quite close until a runner spooked it.. so further out than I would have liked

Back at the Market Place.. changed considerably since I first knew it several years ago..

Nice to get out... but would I want to move back?   hmmmm... time will tell....

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I always look at pics of black headed gulls to see if a sneaky med gull is about...not ion this case I think, but the gull landing on water is getting his dark head back before the others!

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