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Monday, 1 May 2017

A Trip in Chichester.. but not what I'd plannned

The idea was to visit Chichester for some shopping, and then, weather permitting, to buy a sandwich and sit in the Bishop's Palace Gardens.

I wasn't using my normal cameras today, and the photo quality is not that good.....

Fido was with me today and we sat waiting at the station..

The route takes us through Arundel and in the far distance, is Arundel Castle & Cathedral.. awful pic but..

A better pic of the Cathedral (left) and Castle , or part of it, on the right.. taken through the carriage window in the rain :)

So firstly a coffee..

A wander past Chichester Cathedral.. the white tulips still in bloom

The other day when I was in Chichester I'd seen both the Peregrine Falcons flying high.  The RSPB have an observation tent in the Cathedral cafe with a scope.  And (circled in red - take my word for it) is the Male perched on the church spire (pic taken through the RSPB's scope - very hit and miss lol).

There is also a camera on the nest box, and the female was sitting on her four eggs!

Then a wander down to the gardens,, which were CLOSED!! Nothing on the notice board to suggest why... just the usual bald statement that the gardens are open from 8.00 a.m to dusk... with no exceptions stated... hey ho.

So with that, back to the station to go home.. at least I got in before it started to rain..

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