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Friday, 26 May 2017

Day 6 - Glorious wander along Guernsey's west coast again

Well, it doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that we landed then checked into our hotel.  Today we packed, had breakfast and then off for a drive with all our luggage.

The weather forecast was promising and the sun was certainly trying to put in an appearance as we arrived, parked the car  and had a walk up and around Fort Samaurez..

On to the Cobo Kiosk

then we moved further along the coast

This flutter is a Wall I believe..

I'm always amazed and love Guernsey's wild flowers.. they are everywhere at this time of the year.... just beautiful

A damaged Painted Lady

then to the Cobo Kiosk for a coffee

This was our goal for our walk, the Grandes Rocque in the distance..

  Nearly there..

A Common Blue (unless I'm told otherwise :D )

And finally, time to head back to the car.  Our intention being to have some crab sandwiches at the Cobo Kiosk (very much recommended) and then drive to the airport.

However, we ran out of time, but had long enough to buy said sandwiches and take them to the airport with us... very tasty!!

and.. finally boarded the plane and took off for home.

Really was a great day and the weather was gorgeous!!!

I've fallen in love with Guernsey.. and I shall definitely go back for a third visit.. hopefully the next time to revisit some of the other islands again.

1 comment:

Roy Norris said...

Yes, Wall Brown and Common Blue Tricia.

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