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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Day 2 - A wander along Guernsey's West Coast 15-05-2017

After an excellent breakfast, we decided to wander along the West Coast.. it's particularly beautiful
Last time we did this walk, it was raining with a very strong wind!!

Today a bit of drizzle and grey but we weren't doing battle with the wind

Billie glad to be back visiting his homeland and showing Ponders and Fido about..

The wild flowers everywhere are amazing in the Spring...

Thrift - everywhere and really brightened up a dull day..

and then a visit to Fort Grey

Billie sitting atop a car outside his 'original' home.. and a stop for lunch..

Gladiolus growing wild it seems.. we saw a lot of these

Looks like an Arum lily to me.. can't think it's wild and suspect more likely to have been discarded there..

I just love these flowers with their multitude of colours... I don't know what they are but they are glorious..

Not the best photographically but could't resit this wren atop a rock singing it's heart out

Six-spot Burnet I believe..

EDIT: which is more likely to be a narrow-bordered five-spot burnet moth - with thanks to Maurice for this info 

We stopped for a cuppa - and this was one of the table 'decorations

and then a short drive back to the Hotel.. a great day despite the grey skies


bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

The six-spot burnet moth is shown with five spots and is more likely to be a narrow-bordered five-spot burnet moth.



Tricia Ryder said...

Ah thank you Maurice.. yet again you come to my rescue for which I'm always grateful.. I shall amend accordingly..

bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

I forgot to ask how the "patient" was doing. Getting better!!



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