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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Petworth on Fete Day!

Well to day did not go according to plan.

Woke and felt fine so sorted out cameras etc. for chosen venue.. but then felt unwell... so given distance trip postponed.

Eventually ok.. so plan B was to go to Parham for their Garden Festival.. BUT given I was so late in arriving and there was a very long queue.. I decided to go on elsewhere and went locally to Petworth.

Was now hungry and was lunchtime so had a sandwich and a scone sitting outside

So then decided to walk down to the lake.. and ... discovered it was the Petworth Fete.

Birds of Prey were being exhibited and flown..

The principal Peregrine had been attached by 2 wild buzzards whilst in flight earlier in the week and was recovering 'back at the ranch' so the less experience bird entered the ring.   After a few minutes he decided he'd had enough and flew off - up up and away... about 20 minutes later he finally returned from his excursion.!!

A rather nice selection of cars were on display. (amongst several other things)

Ooh look .. the Peregrine's come back (lousy pic ..but considering the camera and lens...)

Down on the lake, a model boat club were sailing..

A few planes ready for take off

And the local band were playing

WE didn't stay as getting very hot.. so wandered slowing back through the trees..

Fergus climbed a tree and needed rescuing!

A very pleasant visit despite not being where I had originally planned.. but always great to visit my local that is Petworth House & Gardens..

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