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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Castle Drogo and some Otters & Flutters

This has been one of the wettest holidays I've had.  Today I went where the forecast was for the best weather and headed off for Castle Drogo.

Castle Drogo is undergoing extensive repairs to the roof.  The roof itself it not a problem, but the waterproofing is.  This is the final phase of 4 phases.  The top part of the castle walls have had to be removed.. all the stones carefully numbered to be put back correctly.. the stones having been cleaned before removal.

I joined the party of 10 to go up to the roof level - in fact, technically, we were above roof level.  The walls are also being repointed.  All this is amazing considering the castle is less than 100 years old

The weather was dreadful for the fantastic views that can be enjoyed from the top of the Castle... we should have been able to see at least two tors over Dartmoor.. this picture was taken as the weather improved!

Then to explore the available rooms of the Castle. many of the rooms being closed as a result of the ongoing work.

Amazing collection of clocks  - Harrison's Garden!!

Sunshine.. but it was brief!!

and then for a wander round the small gardens... in the rain initially..

a Scone for lunch.. was ok but..

From there I went to Buckfastleigh Butterflies and Otters centre as it was near where I was staying..

A damp day with a bit of sunshine.. hopefully the wet stuff will not be around tomorrow.. which is already planned!

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Seriously large amount of stuff to see there!

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