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Saturday, 10 November 2018

A short trip to Warnham.. and a scone

I was headed off this morning, and enroute passed this field - at the entrance of which was a lay by - I was curious as to what the "dot" was in the middle of the field!

Turned out to be a Buzzard.. just sitting in the field in the sunshine.
(Only had the travel lens with me, so a record shot only)

After that it wasn't long before the rain started so changed my mind about my venue.

As I drove back it cleared a bit so as I was near to home and Warnham, I called in to pick up appropriate lens.. I headed off for Warnham
The water levels were high... torrential rain during last night.  Not many birds about but an obliging coal tit .. then the Sparrowhawk flew through.. and all birds disappeared.

A lone Egyptian Goose ..

I then headed into town for some shopping.. and lunch :D .. Billie approved..

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Odd to see a buzzard on the ground!

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