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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Madeira - Day 1 - I explore near my hotel

I left at 03.30 to get to get my flight from Stansted to Funchal in Madeira - a first for me.  With thick fog I was delayed about 30 minutes before take off, but with a following wind, managed to catch up time and landed only about 5 mins later.

I'm the only one on this tour going from Stansted so given the others in the party had landed early and the coach had already taken them to the hotel, I was met at the airport and enjoyed the company of Roberto who is to be our local guide for the week.  I was the only one travelling.

I found a cafe, had some lunch, then went for a wander.  The flowers, trees, shrubs etc. are really amazing.

I walked down into the harbour area - which was easy, climbing back up to the hotel at top of the hill, was another matter. 

It was mostly cloudy today, with a bit of glare, so bit challenging photographically.

Bird of Paradise flowers, which grow everywhere it seems

On the side of the building

The hotel, the largest in Funchal, is built on stilts.. this so the view could be enjoyed underneath the building..

This is the adjacent casino - which was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and opened in 1976.

I walked through the local park

Then started down a flight of steps to the harbour at the bottom

I need to find out what type of lizard this is.. there were dozens of them all in and out of the gaps in the stone wall

 and equally this beautiful butterfly which was probably slightly bigger than a Peacock butterfly

and finally down at the bottom of the steps

A statue of  footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo who was born in Madeira he had donand I was told, donated a considerable amount of money to Funchal town.

I then made my way back to the top again..

spent a bit more time in the Park

I met a German lady and while we were speculating about this beautiful dog, we noticed there was a policeman on duty at the entrance to this house and gardens.    We asked what it was to be advised that it was the Presidents palace but, for the very cheap price of 1 euro, we could visit the gardens, which we did

Amazing views from the President's garden

and a very obliging Grey Wagtail having a bath..

I think I'm going to enjoy Madeira..

Back to the hotel to get ready and to meet my fellow travellers before an excellent dinner.

And today, Saturday we're off on a tour of the local areas with our guide.


Conehead54 said...

The lizard is simply called the Madeira Lizard; an endemic to the Madeira group of islands.

The butterfly is definitely larger than a Peacock- it's a Monarch!

Tricia Ryder said...

Hi, Conehead.. Many thanks for your comment and the information.. !! My apologies for not responding before this.. seems I've had a Blogger issue with comments being visible.

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