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Sunday, 4 November 2018

The antidote of Autumn Colour...

If you've suffered from/are suffering from, depression then I hope and suspect you will understand.  If you haven't ever suffered with depression then, I sincerely hope you will never do so.. and hope you will bear with me...  today, however, life sucks!!

It's very very rare I ever talk about my feelings here, or anywhere else or even with family or close friends but... today. it's all got a bit too much.  I hope things will get better tomorrow, I'm sure, will improve . it's called 'positive thinking' ..!! 

Today  I woke.. the sky was dull which seemed to coincide with my mood..  I spoke sternly to that rather large black dog on my shoulder and it started to work a bit!!

What to do? well moping about wasn't getting me anywhere.. I want peace.. I wanted colour, I wanted release..

I decided finally to head out.. and went to Sheffield Park Gardens.  The colour was delightful..  I was standing by one of the ponds, when a young mother, with a child, was watching the ducks.  The young lad was chasing the ducks who were fleeing and quacking audibly.  Young child to Mum "why are they running away and making so much noise?"  Mum to child: "Well they are frightened.   You, to them, are a very very big monster and you're making very loud noises"... "They are frightened of you and are running away scared" .. Young child to Mum " That's not nice that I've scared them, I know I don't like being scared!!   Do you think they will forgive me? I will never chase ducks again" ..  I walked away with tears in my eyes!!

If, in the unlikely event, you are the young Mum reading this.. I commend you.. as for your your young child.. he is amazing..  I just wish I'd said something to the Mum, at the time, to acknowledge the understanding of both Mum and son!!

So, here's some colour ...

a very tasty scone as usual from Sheffield Park enjoyed by my soul mate, Mr Ponders.

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oldcrow61 said...

Oh my Tricia, I do hope you feel better soon. If you want someone to talk to or simply need to have a rant at someone, just message me. You've captured some beautiful colours in these photos. XXOO

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