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Monday, 10 November 2008

Bird numbers still increasing

At about 22.15 last night, just as I was off to bed for a read, we had a power cut. Oh great! It lasted about an hour and was something to do with the main high voltage cables over quite an extensive area. So this morning, I had to reset all the clocks and timers! Oh joy! I don't know if the weather has had anything to do with it but it was extremely windy and wet in the south last night.

AND this has continued today. I don't believe daylight has occurred at all. Going out for some essential shopping, I was driving along flooded roads.

I'm musing at what point the garden pond will overflow. The birdbaths certainly don't need any re-filling LOL.

The birds were in the garden in goodly numbers and weren't that happy that I'd removed four feeders for cleaning having left just the one its place.

So today's garden count (over the course of the morning)
3 Grey Squirrels
4 Wood Pigeons
2 Blue Tits
1 Nuthatch
4 Long-tailed Tits
4 Chaffinches (2 x M and 2 x F)
22 Goldfinches
9 Greenfinches
7 RN Parakeets
2 Blackbirds
1 Jay
2 Starlings

Interestingly I haven't seen a Dunnock or Robin for some days now.

And as Waxwings are topical at the moment - I'm standing by with my camera waiting for them to arrive in my area - I did manage to "twitch" a couple which arrived about 7 miles from me in January 2006. And this was a result of said twitch.

So, Waxwings - I'm waiting for your journey south ...........


Cheryl said...

Great to read what is around in your area.....I had a redwing in the garden a terrible photo but might post it some point......

oldcrow61 said...

What a lot of birds you have coming to your feeders.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Your birds are totally different at your feeder than mine. Well upon examining the list we do have nuthatches, jays, starlings, and goldfinches and also many woodpeckers here. Blackbirds sometimes. No parakeets. I have an owl and a hawk in the yard and eagles down the road. I am trying to tell the owl and the hawk to go next door. I am not fond of their menu. The Waxwings have been around eating berries.

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