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Sunday, 2 November 2008

What a surprise!

Mum had expressed a wish to buy some winter trousers so I went down to West Sussex today.

BeforeI left, it was grey and dull. The weather forecast wasn't promising either. Ah well, thought I, it doesn't really matter, we're going shopping!!!

Before I left home, I was watching the garden birds:
(These numbers are BTO numbers i.e. all seen at the same time)
8 Goldfinches
5 Greenfinches
1 Jay
3 Wood Pigeons
3 Blue Tits
3 Great Tits
6 Ring-necked Parakeets
2 Blackbirds (in the front garden)
5 Chaffinches.

Not bad for a start to the day and all before 8.30 a.m.!

As I journeyed to Sussex the mist started to lift and lo and behold - the sun started to shine! By the time I reached Mum's the sun WAS shining! Whey hey!

We had a successful shop and went back to Mum's for a quick snack lunch. Given the sunshine we went for our usual drive - down into Worthing and along the coast road through Goring and Ferring. Normally at this point we would head back along Long Furlong and home BUT - today, we went further west to Littlehampton, Climping, Middleton and Elmer Sands. Elmer was where I'd spent many childhood holidays when we were living as a family in Surrey. I didn't recognise anything!

Thinking I wasn't going to use the camera today (anticipating bad light and dull weather) I'd left my new acquisition (an Ergo Rest) at home - shame really.

But along the way, we stopped for some piccies.

Littlehampton (one of the inlets)

The ever hungry gulls were being fed chips!!! (I ask you!!!)

At Middleton down on the beach. These are sea defences but I think they may have acted as invasion defences during WW2 - I'll have to research this!

Then, on the way back from Elmer passing through Middleton again, I had to stop to take some pictures of St. Nicholas Church in Middleton This is not the original church "as that had split apart by a disastrous storm in 1837". But I was fascinated by it's architecture. Now I don't know much about Church architecture but I was rather interested by this.

Then home along Long Furlong (regular readers may begin to know that this is one of my favourite views). Mum had had an excellent day and I'd enjoyed the bonus of it too.

Eventually home. Now, with the clocks going back an hour, my journey home for the next few months in going to be in the dark! Sigh!!

1 comment:

Liz said...

Lucky you Tricia with the nice weather, it's been truly horrible here all day.

Scuppered my plans to plant the last of the bulbs and do a few gardeny type things!

Some lovely photos, very soft lighting nice and Autumnal :)

Btw - in reply to your post on my blog, yes you are supposed to be able to click on the photos, only for some reason it never works with all of them - I don't understand why?? I upload them all in exactly the same way yet it happens every time!

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