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Saturday, 8 November 2008

It rained at Barnes!

Today I met Elizabeth & Malcolm, Pete and Hugh at the London Wetland Centre, Barnes.
  • rain had been forecast
  • the forecast was correct
  • it rained
  • for most of the morning
  • forecast said "clearing by midday"
  • it did (I knew it would)! :D
  • for about 15 minutes
  • the sky had some blue in it
  • briefly
  • and the sun shone
  • for about 1 minute!
  • it rained heavily thereafter.......
  • in the car and leaving - the sun shone again..
The usual culprits about on and in the water. Nothing surprising except for a lone Pipit! But, we're still not sure as to it's identity - could be Rock? or Water? The pipit merged with the surrounding stones so well, it was difficult to focus the shot; a record shot only for ID purposes (and even that's pushing it!)

Needless to say, the following pictures come with the usual health warning of bad light and bad weather!
Cormorants - about 15 in total.

Grey Heron

A couple of Mute Swans take off over the houses.

The are White faced whistling ducks and are collection birds. However, they seemed to be going in for a spot of mutual preening - didn't know birds did this!
Aw bliss; just the spot........

Male Teal

One of the many Lapwing (with a couple of starlings)

A cormorant who had finished fishing (successfully) then took off for a different part of the reserve..

A pleasant, if somewhat damp visit, in good company..


Janine said...

Its interesting to see your photos and Petes, both taken at the same time at the same place, yet there are differences in perception.

Jane said...

Did it rain? (only joking). I agree it's always interesting to see two blogs with pics from the same day. I love the London Wetland Centre... great pics of the birds. Jane

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