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Thursday, 6 November 2008

The birds are coming back

With the onset of cooler temperatures, the Goldfinches and other birds are beginning to increase in number in the garden.

It was a very grey day again today (oh please can we have some sun soooon), and, as I sat as day dawned watching the birds, I had a four-legged visitor again - a fox. This seems to be quite a young one and was very timid. I noticed as s/he left the garden that its rear right-leg was badly injured and it couldn't put any weight on it - I hope it recovers very quickly. I believe its the same one that visited not that long ago.

A couple of pictures which come into the category - see something in garden - grab camera -shoot through double glazing on dull day. Technically, the pictures are dreadful but the subject was too pretty to resist

In terms of bird visitors - my early morning count was:
17 Goldfinches - whey hey
8 RN Parakeets
4 Wood Pigeons (hardly a berry left now on the Holly tree)
19 Feral Pigeons (grrrrr)
1 Starling
2 Great Tits
1 Dunnock
4 Greenfinches
3 Chaffinches.
3 Blue Tits
1 Magpie
and 2 Grey Squirrels.

No Jay or Nuthatch today

To assist in holding the camera more steadily when using the heavy lens, especially in low light shots, I've purchased an Ergo Rest - and thanks to Diane for the introduction and more recent demonstration. Unfortunately I haven't been able to try it out, since its delivery a couple of days ago. But I did try a shot of a RN Parakeet high up on the Eucalyptus tree today (the Para being the one who was high up - not the photographer!) and this is the result... - I can see an improvement.

Over the years I've lived here I've been gradually developing the garden and it's almost complete now. One thing I have endeavoured to do is to plant for all seasons' interest and, in particular, for autumn colour.

I've been waiting for some sun to take pictures, but if I leave it any longer there will be no colour to photograph so, a quick (albeit not well lit) tour of garden colour.

A Penstemon - still in flower..


oldcrow61 said...

Tricia, your garden is lovely. My daughter is moving into a new house the middle of the month and I think she had something like your garden in mind for her back yard. I'll send her the link to have a look. The fox is beautiful. Such lovely creatures.

Tricia said...

OC - thank you. I must admit I've enjoyed creating it. The only original plants/trees are the old apple tree and the very big holly tree. I also love acers and maples and these do give out the most wonderful colours!

I'm also lucky to have a back drop of some very old (and large) oak trees :D

Good luck to your daughter with her move!

Liz said...

Ah, Autumn colour - isn't it wonderful!

My fuji Cherry was a glorious colour this year, almost fuchsia! Amazing.

I also have a maple, just need it to grow a bit more... It's still only around a foot tall, bless :D

Pete said...

love the fox!!

mick said...

You have a beautiful garden! I love the photos of the fox. They are beautiful over there - but were foolishly introduced into this country and are a major pest and so destructive of the native wildlife. Why didn't we leave out countries different the way they were meant to be!!

st said...

yes, the garden is a beaut. Also like the fox

Tricia said...

Pete -isn't it a cutie!
Mic - thanks. So frustrating when any animals become pests!!
ST - thanks too - in my eyes the garden's looking a bit messy - leaf clearing needed methinks!

Island Rambles Blog said...

I really really loved this post Tricia....first I like that fox so much, how great is that to have a fox. Then I loved the tour, you have lots of color and have designed at lovely garden. Then I like that tripod thingy, I saved the link to that. Off I go, very happy I came here to. cheers.

Tricia said...

Thanks Ocean and good to see you here.

Dean said...

Very envious of your garden visitors. Excellent stuff, Tricia.

Carin Fuchs said...

One word: BEAUTIFUL! Your flowers as well as that lovely fox! (I must be getting old, I don't even remember to have paid you a visit LOL LOL LOL LOL)

swatson said...

Tricia beautiful garden,beautiful colours and as usual beautiful photographs.

Tricia said...

Dean - thanks for stopping by; I'm just lucky to live in the right spot!
Carin and Sheila - thank you.

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