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Monday, 13 July 2009

In the garden

Today has been another "stay at home day" apart from food shopping and the school run. I did manage get some very long overdue gardening done - I have a problem with a very very tall hedge, which belongs to my neighbours, and divides the two adjoined front gardens. It's now over 8 feet tall and far too thick (at least 1 metre). I've got to cut it back considerably from my side which is going to make it look dreadful. It's the type that doesn't regrow from the inside! Unfortunately said neighbours are not the least bit interested in maintaining anything but their side - once a year. Hey ho!!

This morning seemed to be very noisy in the garden. 15 Ring Necked Parakeets were up in the Eucalypyus making their normal racket!

Just record shots for all pictures today..
The young are still begging to be fed - they've got to learn that their parents are not not interested in feeding them!

The Eucalyptus then got even noiser - I could hear a Nuthatch - I stopped and really listened and realised that there were two! Whey hey Needless to say they were right in one of the thickest parts of growth but I did manage to get some records shots!
You can just about see the two of them in this picture...

Then over on the feeders it started to get noisy again too. There seems to be more young birds about than adults at the moment. I had a party of three Long tailed tits and this one is a youngster
S/he was then joined by a few more youngsters - here a Blue Tit and Great Tit join the Long-tailed Tit for a snack

Somehow I've got to find a place for the feeders near to cover but in better light!


ShySongbird said...

I haven't seen LTTs in the garden for some months but I think that happened last year as well. I'm so envious of your Nuthatches, those and Woodpeckers are at the top of my garden wish list! Great you managed a photo too. Love the photo of the Parakeet begging for food!

NatureStop said...

The Parakeets can be really noisy.I can imagine 15 of them:)You got some nice shots of the Tits.

Phil and Mandy said...

Lovely photos yet again, them Parakeets are gorgeous, I saw some wild ones last week whilst visiting a friend in Broadstairs.

Liz said...

Lovely photos Tricia, and not at all jealous of the Nutties!!!

Rain started here just before 4pm, typical! It's now hot and muggy with rain but my feeders have gone beserk with what I assume are more newly fledged sparrows, new Goldies and also some new Great tits - Very yellow faces! So I'm very happy now as just recently the feeders have been very quite with the parents moulting and hiding (I assume) :)

holdingmoments said...

The Ring Necked Parakeets haven't made it here yet, but I gather they are very noisy. Coupled with the Starlings, hmmmm, maybe you can keep them down there. lol

I wouldn't mind the Nuthatches though ;)

Great variety of birds you have there Tricia.

midlands birder said...

love the parakeet photos ive only ever seen them once.i had 3 nuthatches in my garden yesterday and a juv great spotted woodpecker came down
check out my blog sometime for the videos of both species at

mick said...

I love the photo of the young parakeet 'squawking' at its parent - and how nice to have all those little juveniles visiting the feeder.
Good luck with the hedge!

Warren Baker said...

Ive got a neighbour like yours, I have to slash back a huge laurel!

My feeders are positioned wrong as well - in fact my whole garden needs spinning round!!!!

The Early Birder said...

Parakeet no's & the noise has increased around us recently. We counted over 40 the other evening flying off in your direction! Good to see Nuthatch - that would be a garden lifer for me.

Midmarsh John said...

I must remember not to try growing eucalyptus again if Parakeets like it :)

Lovely shots of your bird visitors. I have yet to see a Nuthatch and I haven't seen the local Long-tailed Tits for ages.

Shared hedges are a pain in the **** especially with uncooperative neighbours.

Alcester nature photography. said...

We don't seem to get those Parakets
around here, but my father has a pet one, what a racket it makes, I can just imagine what a flock of them sounds like.
Cheers Colin.

karen said...

Oh my god Tricia, wow! parakeets, nuthatches and LTTs, what an amazing day for you! Never seen parakeets here, would love to! Amazing! Love the baby LTT, absolutely gorgeous!Where do you live, the AMAZON!!!!x

SPD said...

Think I may wish to swap the keets for seagull screaching! I Say slash the hedge it isnt the prettiest looking thing anyway! Thanks for the chauffeur service send the bill down or come and play in the sea and have hot chocolates and cake! Love SPD

oldcrow61 said...

The parakeets are wonderful. I'd love to see those in my garden.

Tricia said...

Jan - Nuthatches seem to be a spring/summer visitor and I'm wondering if they breed in my area. I've also had a young GS Woodie and s/he calls every day - but it's only been in the garden once - so far!

NatureStop - thanks. Yes - very noisy!

Phil - they're spreading east and north now!

Liz - thanks. The feeders certainly are being emptied very quickly!

Keith - yes they are noisy and, sorry, they're reported to be moving north. Must admit, I do enjoy the Nuthatches so might be a bit selfish in keeping those two here! Lol

Hi Midlands Birder - sounds as though you get some great garden visitors; like you website and will keep visiting you.

Warren - wouldn't it be great if we could turn our gardens around to have the sun where we choose!! lOL

Frank - they were/are roosting in a school's grounds not far from you. I think they may be back roosting at the Rugby Club as I've seen them flying over to the West at roosting time, on several evenings now.

Sometimes about 40 in each flock!

John - it's not so much the Eucalyptus but more the height of trees that make them attractive to the Paras.

And I share your view about shared hedges!!

Colin - you're lucky not to have them. Don't think I'd want one as a pet though! Lol

Karen - I'm very lucky to get the variety and numbers of birds that I do. I put it down to living in a fairly heavily wooded area.

SPD - don't know which is worse really - Keets or Gulls! But the sea, hot chocolate and cake - now you're talking :D

OC - I'll suggest a migratory route for the Parakeets and send them over! :D

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