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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Some birds of prey and smaller creatures

Yesterday (Saturday) one of the local garden centres had a display by a local falconer and he flew some of the birds. The weather wasn't up to much but I did manage to get some flight shots of this eagle. The frustrating thing being I can't remember it's name! Hey ho!

And today, another Falconer was flying his birds at Painshill. Unfortunately the light was dreadful and it drizzled most of the afternoon.

So pictures mostly of birds sitting on their perches.

A Bateleur Eagle

And my favourite, a Barn Owl

doing what Barn Owls should in the early afternoon - dozing.

Lanner Falcon

Lugger Falcon

When the drizzle stopped for a bit, I went for a short wander before rain drove the camera under cover and me - to home!

Rather tatty looking flutter!

A Red tailed Bumblebee - whoo hoo!

Buff tailed Bumble (I think)

Still looking for Cinnabar moth caterpillars and still not finding any, I did come across this rather colourful fly..

and these rather "occupied" red beetles!

Not the most inspiring weekend for pictures - one of those, sadly, when you're inclined to think .... "was it worth it?" Never mind; I'm sure the sun will come out to play - eventually!!


Warren Baker said...

Some days are just like that Tricia. It will all change eventually...........I hope!

Cheryl said...

Hi Tricia.....I love the shots of the eagle in flight...stunning.

Who does not love a barn owl. We have a pair in the area.....I have seen one of them at dusk sitting on a dead tree. It is a good look out post.....

I have hundreds of soldier beetles in my garden at the moment.....all doing what comes naturally, it must be that time of year!!

mick said...

Fantastic photos of the eagle in flight. I've never seen a falconer flying his birds - it looks great.

digibirder said...

Great eagle flight shots. And the barn owl is lovely.

Midmarsh John said...

Despite the weather you still managed some great shots. I've seen demonstrations a couple of times and it is great to be so close to such magnificent birds.

Reminds me I really must visit a local 'nature park' where they have a few birds of prey. I haven't taken a photo of one since I went digital.

Can't be Eddie the Eagle 'cos it's not wearing skis :)

holdingmoments said...

Great shots, and good to be able to get close to such magnificent birds.
That second Eagle shot is a cracker Tricia. Great eye contact with you.
Love that first Bateleur Eagle too.
Never tried pictures at a display like that; something I must do.
Those soldier beetles always seem to be at it don't they lol
Raining here this morning; oh well, might brighten later.

swatson said...

love the big bird photos great as usual

NatureStop said...

Love the shots of the the eagle in flight.The Bateleur Eagle is good looking.Great post!

oldcrow61 said...

Fabulous shots of the Eagle in flight. I'd say it was all worth it!

Tricia said...

Warren - it did change a bit today, in that there was a bit of sun in the p.m.!

Cheryl - thanks. I do love Barnies! And yes, soldier ants seem to be taking over for the moment.

Mick - it is interesting to watch the Falconers at work and to learn about the birds but somehow I can't forget that they're not birds in the wild!

Digi - thank you; Barney is rather lovely isn't s/he.

John - thanks. It is good to be able to get up close to them; the flying by the falcons was pretty impressive - took your breath away!

Keith - Thanks. If the light had been better on the 2nd day, I might have got some better flight shots. And the rain here this a.m. finally turned to some sun in the p.m.

Sheila - thank you :)

NatureStop - The eagle is a good looking bird isn't it!

OC - thank you :) And I'm glad you think it was worth it. Think I must have been in the "wrong" mood when I was processing the pics and then posting - I'm too much of a perfectionist for me own good at times!

karen said...

Stunning pics Tricia, love the big birds! The red ended bumble bee is lovely, i found a dead one when i was digging the other day unfortunately! Graet pics x

Mel said...

Hola Tricia,
Those raptors are so cool!
I've never seen them so close in flight. I sooo want to be able to see them soon.
Lovely post!

Janine said...

Amazing flight shots Tricia.

Tricia said...

Karen - thank you. The big birds were rather impressive. Sad when you see a dead bee but that's life regrettably.

Mel - Hi and nice to see you here again. They are an awesome sight especially when they fly high and dive down for their prey!

Janine - thanks :)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Tricia, what a strange looking creature the Bateleur Eagle is! I loved the Barn Owl.

pedro a. cruz cruz said...

Preciosas y originales fotografias.

Roy said...

Impressive flying shots Tricia. Love the Barn Owl.

Tricia said...

Jan - it is a strange looking bird; looks like it's got it's Sunday suit on.

Gracias Pedro :)

Roy - Thank you. They were the best pics of a great many!! I blame the lack of light as usual ;)

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