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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Painshill Park and Goosanders are still about

It was Monday and the last day of January.

The sun came out and the sky was blue! I headed off for Painshill on my way to the supermarket.

The Mallards were shining brilliantly in the sunlight.

As I approached the lake, 3 male Goosanders flew off - typical! They know I'm coming I'm sure. Around the other side, however were seven females. Well given I'd hoped for some sun and the birds to be nearer for pictures, I at least got the sun!

The warmth seemed to be having an effect on most of the waterfowl. This Greylag came into land.

The snowdrops are now beginning to open.... lovely to have the first flowers of spring.

And, I couldn't believe my eyes! A daisy - in January?

Around by the yew trees and standing in one spot, I was amazed to see 1 Nuthatch, a flock of about 8 Long-tailed Tits, 2 Goldcrests and...
2 Treecreepers.

There's something about this particular spot that the birds like. It was here that I saw the Redwings and Fieldfares at the end of last year.

A large percentage of the water had a thin coat of ice... seems to have the sun we have the cold as well... but applause for the sun!

And sun and ice gave some lovely views!

A rewarding walk altogether!


Anonymous said...

Once again you show your talent, and versatility with your camera Tricia.
The bird shots are great, for me the shots of Nuthatch, Treecreeper
are your best! Also the building in sunlight with the rippled reflection on water very well caught. Great stuff!


Tricia said...

Aw Paul.... thank you so much; you make me blush!!

I was just so lucky to get the Nuthatch and Treecreeper... my arms were aching from holding the camera pointed skywards and trying to keep it still... thank goodness for Image Stabilization on the lens!!

holdingmoments said...

A bit of sun makes such a difference doesn't it Tricia. The female Goosanders with their red heads look stunning in sunlight.
And daisies too! Blimey, spring must be round the corner.

oldcrow61 said...

I can hardly believe that you have a daisy blooming. Great shots as always. I particularly like the last three...wonderful!

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