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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A pair of Great Crested Grebes - wildlife of Painshill Park

I had to have rather a domestic time this morning - boring! But after I'd finished the shopping and as Painshill Park was a quick sprint up the A3, I decided I'd better renew my membership which expires on Thursday. (Great value the membership.. I can visit so frequently)

It was a bright day but no sunshine as such but the wind was very light. I'd also had a heads up from Tim that the Great Crested Grebes (at least - one of the two pairs) had laid some eggs... so how could I resist!!

I headed up and membership duly renewed I went in search.

There they were, a contented couple. I'd viewed the nest from the distant bank before going around and had seen 1 egg.... I was in for a treat.

Despite the lack of sun, it was to my favour as had it been shining I would have been shooting directly into it.

Mum was in the nest when I got there.

After a while, she got off the nest and joined Mr. for a swim around

Swimming over, they both added some more nesting material. Whilst Mum was off the nest, I tried - in vain - to spot any eggs but couldn't see a single one.

She came back to the nest and decided a tidy up was in order.

Thinking she'd done enough, she started to settle but..

a bit more rearranging was necessary

before settling back down on her 4 eggs (all that tidying had revealed them!)

and then she finally settled.

What a privilege it is to see such magnificent birds.

And by now, the raindrops had started so I headed off for home - a very happy bunny to have seen what I did today :D


Sy's Prints said...

beautiful photos

Roy said...

Superb images Tricia.

Naturedigital said...

Amazing shots Tricia.
Thanks for sharing them.

IOW Birder said...

Beautiful pictures Tricia, thanks for sharing them with us. Ive not had the pleasure of seeing great crested grebes yet, after seeing your pics I cant wait!!!

Dominic Gendron said...

This is an amazing photo-reportage...wonderfull images ;)

Glo said...

What fantastic images of such a magnificent looking bird. You must have been thrilled to have been in good lighting with clear views. I wonder if the female covers her eggs with the twigs when she leaves the nest, and has to unearth them when she returns? I think any and all of those photos would make wonderful prints to frame!

Ragged Robin said...

A really beautiful set of photos, Tricia.

Pete said...


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